7 Best and Top Recommended Point of Sale Systems for Small Businesses

7 Best and Top Recommended Point of Sale Systems for Small Businesses

What is the best Point of Sales software for your small business? Here are 7 top recommended POS systems for small businesses!

The Point of Sales system is utilized by brick and mortar stores to keep control on the sales. They usually use a cash register, computer, or a tablet to add the products, determine the cost, and close the sale.

Another important benefit of the POS system is the option to monitor inventory levels to make sure stores keep enough products in stock. The smaller stores prefer cloud-based POS solutions, while the bigger retailers want to use an advanced POS system that is usually custom designed for their needs and preferences.

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In this article, we are going to present you the best and top recommended POS systems for small businesses.

  1. Square Register It is a great solution that can be utilized by businesses to receive and take payments with iOS and Android devices in the shop or on-to-go. The software has a magstripe reader that lets you take payments via debit and credit cards. Other features provided include real-time sales, item management, and inventory tracking.
  2. Vend This is one of the best Point of Sales software created for iPad and it is used by merchants and retailers to manage sales, inventory, and customers at an extremely affordable cost.
  3. QuickBooks You can use this software to track sales, inventory, and customers effectively and quickly. A huge benefit is that software tracks users’ purchases which tell you what brands and products they usually purchase.
  4. Salesforce Commerce Cloud The vendor providers useful features including predictive intelligence, order management, digital commerce, and mobile-first Point of Sale system and store operations.
  5. Fast Spring Fast Spring utilized advanced features and technologies to help users control and maintain the e-commerce databases and engines. You can use these great features to improve and maximize your sales.
  6. Shopify This is a POS system offered by the official Shopify e-commerce platform. The POS system includes a card reader, APG cash drawers, a Socket Mobile barcode scanner, and Star Micronics receipt printer.
  7. Skubana – A smartly and intuitive designed system that offers great features in one app. The software can help you to make a smart business decision.

Check all of these POS systems and choose the one that suits you the most!

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